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ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart: Which Shopping Cart Is Better?

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The future is bright – the future is in e-commerce. Maximizing profits from your online sales is the goal of any business owner – but this is easier said than done. In this article, we’ll be comparing two great shopping cart software, ThriveCart vs WP Easycart.

Some people might want to go it alone, whereas others might want to try and use shopping cart software to iron out any bumps in the road. There are so many different options for e-commerce software out there though, that it can be overwhelming.

Both ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart are hugely popular with users the world over. Making sure you find the right kind of software to try and drive traffic to your business is really important, so read on to find out whether you should go for Thrivecart or WP EasyCart.

First of all, let’s take a quick look at what their key differences are.

Main Differences Between ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart

The Main Differences Between ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart are:

  • ThriveCart is an external, additional piece of software that is specifically designed to help you promote your business and sell goods online, whereas WP EasyCart relies on you having a WordPress account.
  • ThriveCart doesn’t have a mobile or tablet app available for its users, whereas WP EasyCart not only has a mobile or tablet app but a variety of extensions and add-ons.
  • ThriveCart has nearly everything built-in already and can be used alongside multiple different applications and providers, whereas WP EasyCart is primarily suited for WordPress users and account holders
  • ThriveCart offers up a one-time lifetime payment, whereas you have to pay per year with WP EasyCart.
  • ThriveCart has no ‘free’ version available, whereas WP EasyCart does offer up a ‘free’ version
  • ThriveCart is more of a one-stop shop with fewer moving parts, whereas WP EasyCart is a little more complex.

Which one you end up choosing for your business and e-commerce purposes will largely come down to where you carry out the majority of your business. ThriveCart can work with a large selection of different software and sites, whereas WP EasyCart works with WordPress accounts only.

While that may sound limiting, the features offered by WP EasyCart are extremely slick and easy to maneuver, plus if you are already familiar with WordPress and already have an active and flourishing account, it should be a breeze for you.

If you haven’t had any experience with WordPress, or use something different for your e-commerce purposes, then you’ll probably want to fork out for ThriveCart.

It could also come down to technological ease too – if you want a mobile app where you can track and log your business’s progress, WP EasyCart has a bespoke mobile and tablet app that tracks and logs your progress. ThriveCart unfortunately doesn’t have this option.

At the end of the day, both cart platforms are designed to help you sell your products online and assist with your conversion rate optimization, as well as maximize your profits.


While there are a few things that make them both different and distinct, there are also some things that both ThriveCart and WP EasyCart have in common.

  • Both ThriveCart and WP EasyCart offer safe and secure shopping cart experiences.
  • They’re both aimed at small to medium businesses.
  • They both offer the user several different options for payment, meaning outreach is much wider.
  • ThriveCart and WP EasyCart have both received great reviews from people who use them.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them and see what their main features are, and how these might be able to help you with your business.

ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart Features




ThriveCart is a shopping cart platform that was founded back in 2016. They boast lots of really handy tricks and tips that help conversion rates – these include recovering abandoned carts and upselling, amongst lots of other things. They are designed to help out businesses that sell products online, both physical and digital items.

Main Features

ThriveCart boasts a whole ream of really useful features, all of which are designed to help push your business and get you a really good conversion rate. Using ThriveCart, you can create fully-customized checkout experiences, one-click upsells, and in addition to that, you can also create order ‘bumps’.

What makes ThriveCart stand out from the crowd, though, is their real-time metrics. You can keep track of live traffic rates, as well as conversion rates for your buyers who visit your page. You can also manage subscriptions using the data they supply, to avoid ‘churn’, and access projected and actual daily and lifetime revenue.

We’ll go into some more detail about the biggest and best features offered by ThriveCart below.


ThriveCart offers up all sorts of tips and tricks when it comes to marketing. One of the big ones is the chance to publish a bump offer. This is effectively a special offer that pops up when the customer is on the way to checkout. Having it pop up makes it really easy for them to add it to their basket.

Carts can be customized even further depending on which other platforms you have integrated. This is especially helpful if you are using email marketing platforms. Subscription cancellation or failed payments and abandoned carts are all issues you might encounter and are issues that ThriveCart can help you overcome.

With email marketing, you can also involve the use of coupons, another marketing option that ThriveCart supports. You can send loyal customers coupons using your email platform, or even send them on their birthdays, and they can be redeemed thanks to the functionalities of ThriveCart.

In-Built Sales Tax Calculator

Sales Tax Calculator

Digital sales tax can be treacherous ground, so you’ll want to tread lightly if you don’t have ThriveCart in action. However, if you do have ThriveCart, calculating your sales tax couldn’t be easier – even if you’re selling to other countries. And there’s a whole host of different set-ups that you can use:

ThriveCart keeps track of all your VAT collections, which means you can access a full report to your sales tax simply and quickly. The global capabilities are second to none – however, it is worth noting that this is only available in the ‘pro’ version of ThriveCart.

Templates for your Checkout Page

A well-designed checkout page can make all the difference and can lead to really high conversion rates. With ThriveCart, you can make really great-looking carts that are not only easy to use but also highly customizable if you use ThriveCart’s pre-made templates.

The easier it is for your customers to checkout, the more likely they’ll be to complete a sale, so using these templates can be to your advantage.

There are also lots of different ‘types’ of carts you can make, such as two-step carts and modal carts, and you can effectively create infinite amounts of them too – there’s no limit. ThriveCart also offers great mobile compatibility, meaning that your carts will work just as well on mobile as on the desktop computer.

Integration of Apple Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal also makes life so much easier for both you and the customer, and with seventeen different currencies being supported, you can truly turn your business into a global concern.


This is one of the most useful features of ThriveCart. Using their reporting system, you can get real-time metrics of how well your business is doing, and how good your sales are. The metrics that you have access to include:

  • Projected revenue
  • Revenue forecast
  • Average daily revenue
  • Live traffic
  • Conversion rates
  • Subscription management

Having access to all these metrics at the click of a mouse is an invaluable addition, telling you exactly what is happening as it is happening, and making projections on the back of that.

Integration Capabilities

The integration capabilities offered by ThriveCart are almost too numerous to list – but they include some of the following notable brands, making ThriveCart a really compatible and useful tool for your online cart needs:

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart was created to provide an easy shopping cart system for WordPress users. The founders wanted to provide a service to customers and business owners that would tick all the boxes when it came down to cart systems and selling products online.

Their main focus, and the main structure for WP EasyCart, is WordPress integration – however, their most recent software can now link to Facebook and Instagram.

Main features

WP EasyCart offers you the ability to add and customize your products for sale, as well as your imagery, using their bespoke console. They offer you the opportunity to control every aspect of your online shopping cart – including taxes, shipping and payment gateways.

WP EasyCart is integrated with a whole host of online payment providers, including PayPal, FirstData and Realex, as well as live shipping carriers such as DHL, USPS, FedEx and UPS. This puts WP EasyCart in a pole position when it comes to shopping and purchasing a security, as well as shipping and handling.

Below, we’ll take a deep dive into some of WP EasyCart’s main features.

Marketing tools

WP EasyCart Marketing tools

WP EasyCart has lots of great marketing tools that are ready and waiting. These include having gift card compatibility, meaning that customers can redeem and pay for a certain amount of money on a gift card for a present, and it will be supported by WP EasyCart.

Some software may not be able to ingest information such as gift cards, but WP EasyCart has the functionality.

You can also use coupons and promotions, which are especially useful if you have an email marketing strategy in place. Offering a coupon for a customer’s birthday or offering them to loyal customers can incentivize their return to your business. Similarly, advertising promotions like sales can also lure them back to your shop.

And just like with ThriveCart, you can also access abandoned carts. Using an email marketing strategy, you can get to the bottom of why the cart was abandoned, and hopefully convert that customer into a sale.

Taxes management

WP EasyCart Taxes management

WP EasyCart offers some really useful taxing capabilities, which cover taxes for the whole world, as well as individual states. There are also duty fees that can be easily controlled, and integration with TaxCloud again makes your life so much easier when trying to work out taxation on your products.

In addition, WP EasyCart offers GST, HST, PST and VAT, making your tax management as smooth as it possibly could be.

Product editing

Creating the ideal presentation of your product is really important. WP EasyCart’s easy-to-use product editing tool can be incredibly helpful for customization of nearly every aspect of your online cart/shop.

The product editor allows you easy access to control every section of your item’s description, all the way from the title you want to use, to the pictures and photos you want to have up to demonstrate your item, to the options and reviews that customers can access.

All these aspects really help you with the all-important conversion process with potentially tricky customers.

Product importer

One of the more unique features of WP EasyCart is the product importing capabilities that it offers.

They offer a convenient and easy to use product importer and an export process that permits bulk editing and batch creation of products. If you’re looking to add lots of products to your page quickly and easily, then this is a great add-on.

It’s worth noting that the importer won’t be capable of doing everything that WP EasyCart is able to do because there are certain settings that need to be altered and set up from within the product.

The product importer is a great way to get the bulk of your information into as many products as you need to, quickly and easily.

ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart – Support

We all need a helping hand at some point. And no more so than when using software that we might not be familiar with. So how do ThriveCart and WP EasyCart support you with their products? Let’s take a look.


ThriveCart helpdesk

The ThriveCart helpdesk can be found under a tab on their homepage and offers clear and concise instructions as to how to get that burning question you might have answered quickly and clearly. They offer a ticket system for online help, or you can reach out to a member of the team by email

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart support centre

The WP EasyCart support center is a little trickier to find than the ThriveCart one, redirecting you to another page, and doesn’t have the convenient search bar that ThriveCart has, however it does have a huge amount of documentation that can help you with nearly everything you might need help with.

ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart – Pricing

This is the million-dollar question – how much will each one set you back? Well, both ThriveCart and WP EasyCart have different payment schemes. Let’s take a look.


ThriveCart offers a lifetime price, with an optional extra upgrade. The total price for ThriveCart without the additional upgrade is $495 – remember though, that’s for life so you never need to worry about any sneaky fees being added or rolling subscriptions. The additional upgrade costs $195 which brings the total amount to $690.

WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart has a different pricing system in place. For the ‘Professional’ version of WP EasyCart, it will cost you $69 per year. For the ‘Premium’ version of WP EasyCart, it will cost you $99 a year.

This makes WP EasyCart slightly less of a commitment, but if you’re planning on selling online for some time, the costs could add up.

ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart – Pros and Cons

Let’s have a run-through the best and worst bits of each piece of software.



  • Easy to use templates for carts
  • Accepts multiple payment platforms and currencies
  • Clear, real-time reporting


  • The additional upgrade is needed for some of the extras
  • Customer support can be slow to respond

WP EasyCart


  • Great integration with WordPress
  • Quick customer service turnaround
  • Links with pay and postage affiliates


  • Largely limited to WordPress only
  • Can be confusing to use

Are there any alternatives to ThriveCart and WP EasyCart?

Yes. While we’ve only focused on ThriveCart and WP EasyCart, there are a whole host of other cart software available for use.

  • Clickfunnels – Clickfunnels is a similar software to ThriveCart, which does what it says on the tin – it focuses on sales funnels. Find out more by reading our in-depth Clickfunnels review.
  • Ecwid – an ecommerce platform that’s suitable for beginners, and features big, bold colours, Ecwid works well for all kinds of companies. Find out what we thought about it in our Ecwid review.


Question: Do either of them have an app I can download?

Answer: WP EasyCart has a downloadable app for android, iPhone/iPad or tablet, which means you can keep your eye on your business when on the move. ThriveCart does not have an app at the time of writing.

Question: I’m not quite ready to commit – is there a free trial for either of them?

Answer: ThriveCart doesn’t offer a free trial at the time of writing. On the other hand, WP EasyCart offers users both a free version and a 14-day trial version of their pro software.

ThriveCart vs WP EasyCart – Which one is better?

While both software are great in their separate ways, at the end of the day, it comes down to you, the user. How you use your online business, and what tools you use, will dictate whether you go for ThriveCart or WP EasyCart.

If your business is more WordPress-based, and you are comfortable and knowledgeable about using that platform, you’ll definitely want to go for WP EasyCart. They are almost custom-built for WordPress users, and you’ll find that the wide range of customizations available will make your business experience quick, easy, and hopefully profitable.

If you use any other platform other than WordPress, you’ll want to go for ThriveCart. It has a number of affiliates and integrations that can’t be beaten, and when used in conjunction with your current sales platform, you’ll quickly find that the range of options ThriveCart offers is nearly limitless.

At the end of the day though, we’d have to go with ThriveCart, owing to the range of capabilities it offers. Which one do you use? We’d love to find out!

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